Loft Beds

We custom make loft beds in any size and any height. Through this section of the website you will see a gallery of many different designs for our loft beds. We have kept things simple and have left out specific details like dimensions as we would like you to get some inspiration for your own bed design.

We have links to listings on our online shop where you can find the dimensions. However, all of our beds are custom made so you can pick the parts you like the most and we will design this bed for you!

Loft beds can utilize space in a room by elevating the bed allowing for many unique design options.

Loft beds are great for any age, for example, children can use the space underneath for playing. Later on this space could become a workspace for homework, especially if you add a desk. The space under the bed could also be used for storage through a built in closet of well designed shelving and drawers.