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Loft Beds

Loft bed with a hook over shelf made out of birch multiply

Beautiful hand crafted custom loft beds

There are many reasons to choosing a loft bed. Here are our top key points:

  • Maximizing the square footage of your room.
  • Utilizing the space that is available underneath and above a loft bed. 
  • increasing additional storage space.
  • alternatively turning storage space into living space, with the addition of seating areas. 
  • incorporating a desk for homework, study, or home office life. 
  • designing extra closet space for clothing or collectables.
  • increasing playroom, hangout areas, and reading nooks. 
  • additional storage in the form of soft closing drawers inside staircases. 
  • creating more floorspace with the use of a ladder.

A small selection of our loft beds are shown in our gallery. Loft beds, including desks and multiple storage options have been the design solutions for many families we have worked with. Others have requested extra closet space with pull out shelving units. Our loft beds include your unique bedroom ideas. Therefore, each loft bed has its own special design qualities. Some have secret hidden hiding places built into them. Other loft beds have sliding guard rails, or removable guard rails, for easy access. 

Very Small, two bedroom NYC apartments have loft beds built above a siblings crib bed. Later, this crib can be replaced with a toddler or a twin bed. This literally utilizes every inch of space. 

Twin Loft beds for teenage brothers. One twin loft bed was made with a long desk and shelving unit underneath for homework and craft activities. Whereas his brother wanted a twin loft bed with a ‘secret’ compartment behind his pillow. We designed a mini headboard area that a pillow could lean up against. Behind this ‘mini’ headboard was a secret compartment with a sliding lid. The lid worked to slide over to open or close his hidden treasures. 


Custom made loft bed sizes also include:

  • Toddler Loft bed
  • Twin Loft bed
  • Twin XL Loft bed
  • Full Loft bed
  • Double Loft bed
  • Queen Loft bed
  • King Loft bed
  • Additional storage accessories available


loft bed and desk with chair and blankets on the bed
violet home office under a bed custom made out of birch multiply finished in an eco friendly varnish
queen loft with a violet desk made out of birch multiply with an eco friendly finish
Small white birch loft bed
loft bed with staircase made out of birch multiply and finished in an eco friendly varnish