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About Us

We are a small family run business based out of Vernon, British Columbia, Canada. 

Aerial shot of us
Gina and Alex standing in front of their birch multiply bunk bed finished in an eco friendly varnish.

Gina and Alex

Gina and Alex have been working together since 1995 designing interiors and furniture for the retail and residential industry. 

Their love and attention to detail has lead them ultimately to create these beautiful modern pieces of furniture. 



In his early days Alex worked as a film set carpenter for Magic Media Company in Cologne. He later went on to work at Steinberg decoration in Düsseldorf. During his time in the film set industry he fell in love with birch multiply, he has been working with the material ever since. In 1994 Alex received his Studio Masters qualifications, in Structural safety, stage building, stage motorized turn tables and safety regulations. 


After receiving a degree in Graphic Design in 1985 in the UK. She went on to work as an interior designer for Tricon Foodservice Consultants, London, UK. While there she produced water colour visuals for large scale restaurants and hotel interiors. In 1995 Gina moved to Germany.



Since graduating with a BFA from the University of British Columbia she has been working full time at Loft and Bunk. Amy finalizes furniture designs with clients as well as all of the CNC machine work. She has always been a part of the business working on the marketing side of things. In her free time you can find her practicing piano, drawing, or making videos.