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About Us



In his early days Alex worked as a film set carpenter for Magic Media Company in Cologne, and later went on to work at Steinberg Decoration in Dusseldorf. During his time in the film set industry he gained a lot of experience and fell in love with birch multiply, he has been working with the material ever since. In 1994 Alex earned a degree in structural safety, stage building, stage motorized turntables and safety regulations. Alex and Gina set up their own business in 1995 designing interiors and furniture for the retail and residential industry.


Gina has been working in design since earning a degree in graphic and interior design in 1985 in London, England. In her early days, she worked as an interior designer for Tricon Foodservice Consultants, London, UK where she produced water colour design visuals and interior design sample boards for large scale restaurants and hotel interiors. In 1995 Gina moved to Germany so that she could eventually move to Australia. But plans changed when she met Alex.




Loft and Bunk

After moving to Canada from Germany in 2007 Gina and Alex started taking on a large variety of projects, but returned back to their love of birch multiply, and developed loft and bunk, where they create birch furniture.


Gina and Alex standing in front of their birch multiply bunk bed finished in an eco friendly varnish.
Amy Hanfstingl in a California farmers market




Amy Hanfstingl, Gina and Alex’ daughter, works on the marketing side of loft and bunk. Amy designed their website, logo, business cards, stickers, and more.


 Amy is studying Fine Art at the University of British Columbia Okanagan where she will graduate with her BFA in 2021. She works with combining biology and art as much as possible through her passion for wildlife and raising awareness in that area.



 In 2017 Amy had a graphic design internship at Team Creatif in Paris, France, where she was able to fully immerse herself in the world of packaging design. Through this experience she was able to learn a lot about art and design. While living in Paris she was able to grow her knowledge of art, supplementing the art history she was learning through the BFA degree.


Nils Hanfstingl holding a small dog



Nils inspired our children’s furniture designs when he was small by having a junior sized mid height loft bed with play/fort area underneath with stained birch dinosaur shelves to match. When he was 9 years old, he wanted to be a knight in shining armour to fight battles with his friends, so we made him a birch wooden “knights armour” body piece with a matching hand held shield and a custom made “polished birch” sword, (with a matching set for his playmates who came over).

 Nils went on to play for the Squamish Cougars, where he lived in Squamish, British Columbia, for nearly 3 years.


 Now he lives in Munich, Germany, with his family where he obtained his Degree and works now as an expert witness for arbitration and litigation.